Tensai 0.93

August 31st, 2006

After much wait and little fanfare, Tensai 0.93 is released!

There are two major changes in this release. First, it’s fully shareware now; so if you use Tensai please buy a license. I’m starting it at an introductory price of $30, with the intention of raising that price as I implement more planned features. Unlicensed copies of Tensai are limited to a max vocab list size of 10 entries. If you’ve been using an earlier version, don’t worry. Your existing vocab lists won’t be changed by 0.93. You will no longer, however, be able to add any entries to those lists over the limit. Unless you buy a license, of course. The limitations placed on unlicensed users will change with each release as new features are implemented.

Second, vocab lists are much improved. Addition, deletion, multiple selection. Entry dragging can start from anywhere not occupied by text. Selection can be changed/grown by arrow and modifier keys. Try command-clicking and shift-clicking entries. Also try pressing the delete key when a vocab list’s entries are selected.

Oh yes, and dragging and dropping entries to text editors gives you nicely formatted plain text copies of the entries.



August 31st, 2006


March 31st, 2006

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March 16th, 2006

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March 2nd, 2006


March 2nd, 2006

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January 17th, 2006

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January 4th, 2006