Request for Comments: History

Quick question. If Tensai had back/forward buttons like a web browser, would you rather they move you within the active dictionary, across all of your searches, or across all of your actions in Tensai, looking through vocab lists as well?

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  1. Shimin Says:

    Hi Justin,

    I prefer the back/forward button to move me across all of my searches. I have the tendency to search for the meanings of japanese words in either kanji or kana as I have found them. Thereafter, I continue to look through the kanjic dic to learn more about its individual kanji. I find that very useful in my course of learning Japanese. Hence, I anticipate moving within the active dictionary would limit me to either dictionary and giving me a jarring or skipping effect. Including the function of looking through the vocab list as well should be left out too because the vocab list contains words I am familar with and its purpose is for me to keep a word for future reference - thereby making the b/f button redundant. Being the first with hopefully a constructive comment, any chance of me having version 1.0 for free?

  2. Kevin Laverman Says:

    Across all searches, please. This is in line with what other dictionary applications provide.

  3. vqv Says:

    I agree. Back/Forward should move across searches. Can you make kanji characters hyperlink to a search in kanjidic?

  4. Justin Says:

    vqv, do you mean make every single kanji a hyperlink to a kanjidic search? That seems like it’d be prone to lots of misclicks, and would make copying text a lot harder for the user.

  5. José Alvarado Says:

    Across all searches would be best. I’d expect buttons like that to work like the ones on my web browser.

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