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  1. David Says:

    Features comments:

    I keep finding myself accidently creating new lists when I’m trying to drag and drop an item into a list I’ve already made. I would like to be able to set the first (however many lists) to hot keyes (like command+Option+1,2,3,4 etc) so that I could select an item and then just add via key short cut. also I’d like to be able to open my lists in seperate windows (which would make drag and drop much easier).

    Another feature I’d like (and I have no idea how it would work) is the capacity to link vocab items. Since sometimes the meaning of a word is slightly changed by the kanji used it owul dbe nice for me to be able to associate a cluster of words as a single entry into a list. Especially because we’ve all looked up a word or phrase to find like 7 different possible meanings and need to get fruther into parsing the sentence in order to pick the right word.

    By the by thank you deeply for your hard work on this!
    From an old Umasser!

  2. zoombronco Says:

    I totally understand the need to reduce comment spam.
    I also understand your FAQ comment that Roumaji is a crutch. However, if you are entering a word into the program, does it make sense to require someone to turn on an input command in their Mac? If you are still typing in Roumaji to get Kana to get Kanji, you’re still entering roumaji. Could the program not do the translating to kana? Or perhaps accept roumaji input and simply not display it in the results? Especially for those un-tech-savvy souls out there…
    Just a thought. Not meaning to push, as this is a GREAT program! Thanks.

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